Finley Danarei arrives at Hellhaven, a city that contrasts the aristocratic captial they grew up in. As an iron-fisted agent sent by The Ensemble, Finley swiftly gets to work... until an obnoxious, punky bard stands in their way. Cassius is not only is a formidable nuisance, but he also completely throws Finley's hardened demeanor off-guard. He's chaotic, idiotic, and practically the opposite of everything they stand for.
A rivalry is born!

Devil Waltz is an fantasy webcomic surrounding Finley and Cassius, two hot-headed bastards who vehemently butt heads over each other's contradicting ideals and attitudes. Shenanigans ensue as they inadvertently become intertwined in each other's lives. Meanwhile, Finley begins to unravel, picking up some old and new regrets as they navigate their fish-out-of-water life in Hellhaven.

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This comic is NOT suitable for readers under 16 years old and contains mild gore/violence, themes resembling religion and/or cults, (non-explicit) sexual remarks, and dark subject matters. The author will try his best to put title warnings where need be, but viewer discretion is advised! 
Damien Jairus B. (aka @SharpiBees) is a queer, Filipino-American artist and punk devil. He loves  monsters and D&D, which is how he got inspired for a good portion of Devil Waltz 's characters and story!

He works on 100% of the writing, illustration, and research for Devil Waltz. If you enjoy the comic and would like to support its production, consider supporting on Patreon or sending the author a Ko-fi! He'd greatly appreciate it!

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