Finley Danarei 
A quickly rising member of Aurum's Ensemble and the eldest child of the Danarei family. They've devoted their entire life to following their parent's footsteps and climbing the Ensemble's ranks tooth and nail to catch Aurum's eye. By any means neccassary. They've gotten quite good at it, but they're now challenged by their recent slip-up...

They're cocky, but their sense of self is trembling on a wire.
A punky bard and local nuisance. He's reckless has a habit of picking fights with those he feels deserve it. His heart's probably in the right place, but his head doesn't think it through, especially with matters outside of his control. His recent target is the newly moved-in Aurum ass-kisser, Finley Danarei.

Endearing jackass. Also pretty cocky.
 Sibyllia Danarei 
A high priest of the Ensemble and the sharp mother figure of the Danarei's. If desired, her silver tongue could turn any conversation on its head.
 Aex Danarei 
A sergeant of the Ensemble and stern father figure of the Danarei's. He is a man of few words, but his callous approach to serving the Ensemble speaks volumes.
 Bonbon and Judith Pinfeather 
(he/him) and (she/they)
The brother-and-sister fowlfolk duo running the ramshackle, adventurer's tavern and inn, "The Roost", at Hellhaven. 
Ivy and Marigold Danarei 
(she/they) and (she/her)
The young twins of the family. Marigold often comes off as the most headstrong, often talking over Ivy's passive prescence.
The fallen star.
The displaced acolyte.
Mother of rats.
The unyielding.
The major god of the denizens of Hellhaven, especially favored by Devilish. Statues of her are scattered across the city, as a symbol and blessing of her gaurdianship.

She is the safegaurd, the instigator, and the solace.
The major god of Solstice city and the Ensemble, which are the religious collective of his followers. The Ensemble have influenced masses in Aurum's name, and continue to claim the surrounding cities to achieve his goals.

He is the myriad wealth, the ego, and the utopian.