GUEST ART - Eli (@cerebroheart)
GUEST ART - Eli (@cerebroheart)
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posted 10th Dec 2021

SharpiBees (AUTHOR)

Second and last guest art for this batch, painted by the awesome Eli (aka @cerebroheart)🌙!

You can find them and their work on their Twitter and Instagram! Eli is a prolific comic artist/assistant and is also the creator of OMNIPRESCENCE, which is another gorgeous webcomic you should totally check out!!! Me in Eli go wayyy back and its been so cool seeing them, their art, and their comic passion evolve into what it is now!

ON ANOTHER NOTE... in terms of when regular updates will be returning, I'm thinking of shooting for January 7th!

ik thats a few weeks away but I'd like to work on the buffer and try to lessen the stress of holiday/exam season as much as I can. Thanks for your patience and support, see y'all then!

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10th Dec 2021


Ooooh this is so pretty!!

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