Thank you patrons! (#1) + WebComics!
Thank you patrons! (#1) + WebComics!
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posted 24th Dec 2021

SharpiBees (AUTHOR)

Small updates before we get back to regular updates in January!

First, thank you so much to patrons for supporting me and this comic! If you would also like to throw a dollar into the tip jar and receive other benefits (such as early comic updates), please check it out!:

Second, Devil Waltz is now posting on WebComics! I was invited by a nice editor through email, so I wanted to try it out! DW will still be updated where it regularly does (here, Webtoon, and Tapas), but it will now be publicly updated here and WebComics app first! And in vertical-scroll too, so better for mobile-readers :^) Just follow this link or look it up on the app:

Thanks again!

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